Dr Gerhard Kerstiens
         Honorary Senior Research Fellow


A picture of Gerhard KerstiensLancaster Environment Centre
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4YQ
United Kingdom  

E-mail: g.kerstiens@lancaster.ac.uk 

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Degrees and appointments

1985, Dipl.-Biol., Technische Universität München
1988, Dr. rer. nat., Technische Universität München

1984-1989  Research Assistant/Associate,

                   Technische Universität München

1991-1995  Visiting Research Fellow/Research Fellow,

                   Lancaster University

1996-2003  Senior Research Fellow,

                   Lancaster University

2003-          Honorary Senior Research Fellow,

                   Lancaster University



Research interests

Plant ecophysiology and whole-plant physiology, in particular:


        The abstracts (below) provide some more detailed information.






































  •               (The 3 papers above are from the JXB Focus in vol. 57, no. 11 
    Surviving in a Hostile Environment: Barrier Properties of Cuticles and Periderms )





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